Princess Party

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Princess Party
Following are a few wonderful ideas to make your princess' party extra special. Most of the basic idea's and recipe's are from Betty Crocker (

Crowns and Baubles for Dress-Up Play
When it comes to getting a princess party started, rely on a basket filled with baubles to make dress up play extra fun. A quick trip to the thrift store can net you costume jewelry and a bunch of little purses for next-to-nothing!

Princess Party Baubles

Personalized Name Tags
Presenting princesses with a personalized name tag upon arrival is a great way to break the ice and make guests feel welcome. Simply string any tag or place card on delicate sheer ribbon.

Princess Party Name Tags

Picture Perfect - Large Ornate Frame
Don't forget to snap photos of the princess-of-honor and her royal guests in their regalia throughout the party. Together, an ornate frame and gauzey curtains make a gorgeous setting for photo ops.

Princess Party Photo Props

Table Decorations
To make your table princess-worthy, use a light pink tablecloth, a scalloped linen runner, paper doilies, cute pink plates and napkins, add princess wands, wrap each chair with a tulle bow and top the whole thing with a generous sprinkling of confetti and sequins.
Princess Party Decorations

Glitz Rose Bouquets
To add a hint of glitz to grocery-store rose bouquets, float gold sequins in clear bud vases. Be sure to use vases with narrow openings so sequins will gather at the top. So pretty and so easy!

Princess Party Glitz Rose Vases

Crown PB&J Sandwiches
Nothing's easier—or more kid friendly—than classic PB&J sandwiches cut out into themed shapes. Bonus: no crusts!

Princess Party PB&J Crown Sandwiches

Delicious Fruit Wands
Give fresh fruit a whimsical twist by cutting stars out of melon or pineapple, then skewering it (we dyed bamboo skewers pink!) and adding other favorite fruits.

Princess Party Fruit Wands

Jeweled Princess Chex Mix
White chocolate-covered Chex gets the royal treatment with a dusting of edible glitter, resulting in darling (and delicious) party snack or even favors.

Princess Jeweled Chex Mix

8 cups Rice Chex or Corn Chex cereal
2 bags (12 oz each) white vanilla baking chips (4 cups)
2 tablespoons pink edible glitter

1. Line cookie sheet with foil or waxed paper. In large bowl, place cereal.
2. In medium microwavable bowl, microwave white vanilla baking chips uncovered on High about 2 minutes, stirring every 30 seconds, until chips can be stirred smooth. Pour over cereal in bowl; toss to evenly coat.
3. Spread mixture in single layer on cookie sheet. Immediately sprinkle with edible glitter. Let stand until set, about 20 minutes. Gently break up mixture. Store in airtight container.

Princess Party Chex Mix Favors

It's All About The CAKE!
These gorgeous fairy tale princess doll layer cakes are easy to make with help from Betty Crocker cake mix, ready-made frosting, candy pearls or sprinkles.. Check out the video that walks you through each simple step!  Or simply create a lovely sheet cake with the help of shaped baking pans (we show a sheet cake baked in a crown shape pan)

Princess Fairytale Cake

Princess Doll Cake

Princess Crown Sheet Cake

Sparkling Raspberry Lemonade
Mix up a magic potion made with refreshing raspberries and lemonade - perfect in cute labeled bottles or simple plastic cups. Click this link:  Sparkling Raspberry Lemonade  for the recipe!

Sparkling Raspberry Lemonade

Decorations, Lanterns, Banners, Garland, Menu Chalkboard

Princess Party Table Set Up

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